Friendship Activities To Improve Classroom Relationships

Friendship Activities To Improve Classroom Relationships

A vital part of student care services in schools or after school care centers is to ensure that children go along well with each other. These student care services provide guidance to distressed children. 

 Developing real friendships at an early age helps children cope up with the hardships of growing up. One way to encourage friendship is to help improve classroom relationships since these children see each other five days a week for most of the year.

 Moreover, friendship activities inside the classroom will help stop bullying and discrimination. With that said, here are some activities to improve children’s classroom relationships.


Getting To Know You (GTKY) is one of the most common classroom activities that happens every first day of school. The activity requires all the students to participate and it aims to have each student learn something about each other in a fun yet informal way. This is an effective way for students to build a connection and eventually become friends.

Telephone Game 

Another friendship activity that you should try for students inside the classroom is the telephone game. As the name suggests, the children will serve as “telephones” to pass the message around the group. The last person shouts the sentence or phrase out loud to see how much it changed as it was passed around. This is a simple yet very fun game. This will give the children something to laugh and talk about afterwards.

Sharing Stories

Children like to talk about themselves, especially the younger ones. So, you can take advantage of this by organizing a group sharing session. Encourage everyone to join in so they can share something about themselves.  You can also make use of a conversation prompt to give each child a chance to share their thoughts and stories. 

Give a topic that everyone can relate to like a favorite movie, most memorable moment with their family or a story behind their favorite toy. It is guaranteed that you will get the most creative and fun stories.

Do Puzzles or Building Blocks

Playing a game of puzzles or building blocks is a great way to let children learn the value of teamwork. Not only that, they will learn how to communicate with each other and learn the importance of sportsmanship.

Simple games like this will help children go out of their comfort zone and start to build a friendship with other children. 


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