Indeed Is a Valuable Job-Search Resource

Indeed Is a Valuable Job-Search Resource

The average job-seeker doesn’t have the time, expertise or energy to familiarize themselves with and navigate all available online resources. It’s easy to fall prey to Internet information overload. The savvy job-seeker must understand that the quality of resources you select takes precedence over the quantity. When a unique resource emerges that substantially reduces the time and complexity of the search by locating job opportunities for you – that’s a reason to become excited.

What makes it unique? is radically different from other stereotypical job-search websites. It streamlines the search by reaching out to all of the sites and consolidating the job postings into a centralized, easy-to-use location. It’s a big timesaver, searching job boards, corporate websites and classified ads with only one keystroke. It provides simple point-and-click commands to allow you to selectively qualify and filter your job-search results to meet your unique requirements.

Ease of use

You start the process by entering a few keywords in the “what” or job title field. These may be several keywords separated by commas, such as web, content, writer, graphics. Alternatively, you may simply enter a job title in quotes such as “Web Page Developer.” In the adjacent “where” box, enter the geographic location (city or ZIP code) where you wish to work. You may select your preferred radius (e.g., 25 miles) to restrict your commute. Next, simply click on “Find Jobs” and your job-search listing will be displayed. It’s that simple.

If the search yields too many jobs, use the Advanced Search feature to pare down the list by qualifying your search criteria. You can select whether to search job boards or employer websites, and whether to exclude personnel agencies. Like many other job boards, allows you to set up daily or weekly email job alerts.

The best part of all is that by signing up (at no charge), you may post your resume for viewing by potential employers. In addition, you may save selected job postings to your personal Indeed database and enter updated information to track the status of each selected job. That’s a big timesaver.

The online job search is only one of several vital components in a search strategy. As with any online resource, the more proficient you become with, the quicker you’ll reap the rewards.


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